About This Site

Enema Tips is meant to convey some information about enemas. How to use an enema, why to use an enema, what to use to give or receive an enema, and even some enema "recipes".

Check out the enema information and advice in the "Enema Tips and Techniques" section.

There are also some mixtures in the "enema recipes" section and some advice about different enema equipment.

Send some e-mail if you have any further suggestions or try our search function if you can't find what you are looking for.

We have a couple of website sponsors that sell enema equipment. They are listed to the left and on some pages at the bottom.

We are also running an enema erotica contest. Visitors really like the enema erotica section and I would like to build it. If you want to submit an erotic enema story to me, I have some prizes to send out if I post it.

Thanks again for visiting.

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