The Douche Tip That Comes With The Bag

The Douche Tip That Comes With The Bag
This tip also comes with the fountain syringe kit. It was designed for douching originally. It has a flared design and the water holes are on the side.

This tip offers some differences to the regular enema tip.

One difference is the flared design stays in place alot better. the wider portion at the tip manages to stay in place once it is past your sphincter.

Another difference is in the water flow. The douche tip has the water flowing out of the sides. Also, the holes are smaller. These two things seem to make it so less water flows out of it. You can raise the bag a little hire to make more water flow out. Someone said the drilled a hole in the end of the douche tip and it worked really well because it flowed really well and it stayed in place.

I haven't tried drilling mine out yet. I'll let you know if I do.

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