An Enema Bucket - A bucket with enema attachments

An Enema Bucket - A bucket with enema attachments
Some folks like an enema bucket. I can see two advantages to an enema bucket. First, they stand on their own. This would be very convenient for anyone who does not have a convenient spot to hang an enema bag. The enema bucket can be placed on a dresser, nightstand, bathroom vanity, anyplace.

Another advantage of an enema bucket is capacity. They generally hold quite a bit. Their open tops mean that they can be refilled at any time. This seems like it would make them popular with people that like large volume enemas.

One disadvantage of an enema bucket is that they do not collapse for storage. Enema bags deflate and roll-up for storage in a closet or beneath a bathroom sink. Unfortunately the enema buckets are rigid and need more storage space.

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