Top 10 Enema Products

I want to introduce you to my friends at Enema supply is a great online store that sells all sorts of enema supplies and accessories. They carry everything from enema buckets, enema bags, even enema solutions and books about enemas.

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One thing that I agreed to list was the top 10 items at Enema I am not sure if this is useful information but I guess it helps people understand what others people are using. Here it is, the top 10 enema products at Enema

1. A Disposable Enema Bag (it is disposable bag enema that holds 1 1/2 liters).

2. Fleet Glycerine Rectal Suppositories (glycerine rectal suppositories).

3. The Faultless 8 oz. Rectal Syringe (an 8 ounce rectal syringe from a renown manufacturer).

4. A 1 Gallon Enema Bag (A high-quality large volume enema bag).

5. The Faultless 2 Quart Enema Bag Combination (a 2 quart enema bag kit with all of the fittings, tubing, etc.).

6. The SunMark Fountain Syringe (similar to an enema bag but a fountain syringe is open on one end and has the tubing coming out the bottom).

7. Latex-Safe Personal Lubricant (an inexpensive, sterile, water-based lubricant)

8. Enemeez Plus Mini-Enemas (a medical enema used by those who cannot create a bowel movement on their own accord. Popular with people with spinal cord injuries).

9. A 2 Liter, Stainless Steel Enema Bucket Kit (an enema bucket that holds more than 2 quarts and has large diameter tubing to flow more quickly).

10. Castile Soap Packets (a gentle, vegetable oil based soap that is gentle enough to use with enemas solutions).

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