Enema Erotica Contest Winner - Alice The Next Door Neighbor

I remember that I was 18 or 19 years old. A stomach ache had been building inside me all morning. I complained to my mom and she referred me to the woman next door. Our neighbor knew all about these things with her own kids. This lovely neighbor had a knowledge of enemas. She and my mom decided that my mom would go shopping and my problem would be handled next door while she was gone.

Alice, the next door neighbor, tried to reassure me that everything would be OK but I wasn't having any. She made me sit in a bedroom while she put together all of the equipment. She then hung the bag from a hook on the bedroom door, positioned a chair and turned to me saying, "Don't worry, the enema will be easy and won't hurt." Still, I protested.

She undressed me and I looked down at my hard weiner. I didn't know why it was hard but at that age it seemed like it always was. She smiled and said that I was growing up. She told me to lie down across her legs.

I liked the idea of laying across her lap, but was surprised at the short spanking she gave me. "This is in case you don't behave, and it will be harder if I have to spank you again." It stung but didn't really hurt so I didn't make too much of a fuss. I resolved to not give her any trouble.

She then began to rub my butt around the target area and poked her finger inside. It slid in easily and I liked it. As soon as I realized that it felt nice and I began to relax she pulled out her finger and replaced it with the slick nozzle. So far, nothing hurt and I was enjoying the feeling of pressing my penis against her skirt. That is when the water started.

I cramped-up almost immediately and started to yell. She told me she would stop the flow. When she did, the cramping stopped. I expected a spanking for my bad behavior but none came. She did get the water started again and she slowed it down, stopping whenever I complained, then starting again. Just when I thought I was really in trouble because of the pain, she pulled the nozzle out and said, "There, that wasn't so bad was it? Now you can run to the potty." Didn't I ever! I made it just in time.

When I was done I returned to the bedroom to see her sitting on the bed. I walked over to her and went to lay across her lap, actually hoping to be spanked for fussing so much. She said I behaved just fine, and she paddled me gently to my great enjoyment. And it was over. My mom returned and we never discussed the incidents of that afternoon.

I never forgot Alice and always hoped for another enema from her, but she moved and I never saw her again. To this day I have a thing for older women and dream of enemas and spankings even though I'm too big for their laps.

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