Enema Erotica Contest Winner - Two Girlfriends

My girlfriend is beautiful, to say the very least. She has luxurious and thick brown hair that falls to just below her ample breasts, and eyes the shade of emeralds in the sunlight. Her skin glows with flecks of gold and amber, and gentle the roughness of her hands has never once failed reached in to every corner of my body, and even my soul.

I trust her more than I trust myself. But I'll admit, it was hard to trust her when she told me she wanted to give me an enema, and even more so, that I would enjoy it. I was extremely hesitant with the whole idea. I kept thinking, "you mean, you want to put something in there?!" The mere thought had me spinning circles in my brain.

As a woman having sex with another woman, I was certainly comfortable with penetration by various sex toys and objects, and was no stranger to a little light anal play every now and then. But that hole, the anus, had always seemed off-limits. I was in all honesty, scared about having someone put something up my ass. It just didn't seem right.

But my girlfriend knew all too well how right it was. One night I came home after a long day at work, and strolled into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I walked into to find more than a dozen of lavender scented candles dimly lighting the space. I felt my girlfriend slip up from behind me and wrap her arms tenderly around my jutting hip bones. It was nice being loved by a woman so different from me, who's thick brown hair and curvaceous body complimented my tiny frame and short 'do. I immediately sensed what was up and grew tense, but my girlfriend's warmth around me stilled my nervousness as she told me to undress myself.

As I pulled off my work clothes, I shivered slightly, though the air was warm and moist. My nipples grew hard as I watched my girlfriend fill the enema bag with warm water. I was out of my underwear when she turned on some relaxing music and came over to me.

Putting her hand on the small of my back she leaned in and kissed my neck and I melted into her. She then whispered to me to relax and enjoy it, and to lie on the floor with head down and my ass up. I obeyed, and settled into it as comfortably as I could on the fleecy bathroom rug. She then ran her hand from the top of my spine to the space just above my crack, and began slightly kneading my ass cheeks with her hands.

It felt wonderful, but I wasn't convinced about the enema. Then, as if on cue, she told me it was time, and I heard the squirt of astroglide play across her fingers right after she removed her hands. I almost picked my head up and resisted, but something kept me still. Maybe it was curiosity? Desire? To this day I still don't know. But what I do know is that as my girlfriend began to work her index finger around my asshole, lubing it up tenderly, my anticipation grew until I caught myself breathing heavily as my anal sphincter loosened itself under her demanding touch.

Then she plunged her finger deeply into the crevice of my ass and I felt my body tense and then release around this new sensation. To be honest, it didn't feel good or bad, just different. I figured the enema might be like this, and something I could sit through and tolerate and hope to never have to receive again. That all changed however, as my girlfriend removed her finger and switched spots with tip of the enema.

I wanted to rear back and escape this strange feeling. Like I said, it didn't hurt, but it didn't feel great either. But as I felt myself begin to pull away, my girlfriend placed her hand firmly on my shoulder and uttered, "don't," and I was trapped.

As she drove the enema tip deeper into my ass, I began to feel a warm pain start from deep inside my rectum, and work up into my belly a little bit. And then it subsided and the most exquiste pleasure followed. Reader, when I tell you this, I can only hope you can understand that the pleasure I felt from the plunging of the enema tip into my ass was only the beginning. I could feel the pleasure play along my vaginal walls, and hit my g-spot more intensely than any other hand, toy, or cock had ever done. The pleasure was nearly unbearable and I found myself gripping the fleece of the carpet beneath me with agony.

And then she began to release the water into my rectum. As my g-spot swelled inside of my vagina, the water began to soothe all of my stresses of the day. My headache seemed to fade into the pools of warmth entering me from below. I forgot all about the abuse I had taken all day, the stress that had worked its way into every muscle and bone in my body. My heart even started to beat slower as my girlfriend gently filled my colon with the soothing rinse.

Leaning over me she began to kiss and bite my neck, further releasing the tension and allowing me to focus all of my attention to my g-spot below. It was as if the water tip of the enema and the water itself were massaging my g-spot from the other side, and my g-spot responded with the intense swelling and hardening I knew could only be resolved by an orgasm.

And my girlfriend, being the capable lover that she is, reached her other hand around to fondle my clit. Kneading it between her thumb and index finger, she coaxed it at of the hood, as the blood rushed to my groin. I moaned as the water filled me deeper, and my clit grew with eager anticipation. My girlfriend began to rub little circles around the hood, as she knew my clit now had grown too sensitive for direct touch, and her movements played their way along my pulsing nerves and onto my g-spot.

I could feel my muscles tensing and my heart beating faster. A hot flush grew across my breasts and my face and I began to hump my girlfriends hand. The enema tip continued to massage the walls of my rectum and my anus, as the water allowed my body to feel the full impact of the pleasurable sensations.

And then, right before I came, my girlfriend held the enema in place against the bucking of my hips, and my orgasm exploded. I could feel such a surge of blood rush to my groin that I screamed with exctasy as my orgasm overtook me. Both my vagina and ass contracted wildly as I released the tension that had been mounting for the last fifteen minutes. I would have all but collapsed, but my girlfriend reminded me of the enema, and told me it was time to expell it. Helping my shaking body stand she led me to the toilet and again I felt one of the most powerful releases of my life.

As I drained myself of my stress and toxins, the sweat of my orgasm cooled on my skin and I felt my body temperature come off of its high. When I was finished my girlfriend looked at me knowingly and asked, "So, was it bad as you thought?" And I responded softly, "No, it was better than I could have imagined, and now it's your turn."

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