Enema Erotica Contest Winner - Michelle Gets Filled Twice

I had always liked enemas, and I had taken them myself for a while, but I’d never had anyone else administer one to me. Then came the fateful night that I discussed, with much blushing and shyness, the possibility of enemas to my fiance. I was shocked when he smiled and said that he too was interested in enemas! Imagine my surprise to learn that not only someone else, but also the person I love more than anybody on the planet just happened to be interested in them.

One night, he told me, “I think it’s time you had an enema from me.”? I was still slightly stunned, but I was also very excited. I smiled and said, “Okay”?. I knew that night would be something I would never forget.

When I arrived, he was in the bathroom off of the bedroom, and I could hear the water running. “Come on in, baby” he said cheerfully, and I closed the bedroom door behind me. He poked his head out of the bathroom, and smiled. “It’s almost ready, why don’t you get out of those clothes,”

“hmm” I nodded, and stripped off my jeans and t-shirt. I sat on the edge of the bed, squirming a little in my bra and panties. i was nervous now. He was going to give me an enema! I wondered what it would be like and how he would do it. I was starting to get very antsy when he stepped out of the bathroom and walked to stand in front of me. I looked up to see him gazing down at me, hands on hips. “I thought I told you get out of your clothes, Michelle. You know that means all of them.”? He sighed and motioned for me to stand. I did, and he reached around me to unfasten my bra. “Tonight was supposed to be easy, as it’s your first time from someone else, but if you’re going to be difficult, I think I might have to teach you a lesson first.”? He slid the bra off my shoulders and tossed it aside before sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Come here. I think I might need to give you a little spanking. Just so you remember for sure who’s in charge.”? I moved to his side, and he pulled me over his knee, pushing my panties to the floor. “When I tell you to take off your clothes, I mean all of them. You know that.”?

He spanked me for a few minutes, letting me squirm and whimper over his lap. He stopped, and rubbed my ass. “I’m going to enjoy this, Michelle. Filling up your bottom with nice hot water.”? I felt his finger toying at my rose hole, pressing gently, I couldn’t help but moan. He wiggled the tip of his finger into the hole a tiny bit. “Yep. I’m gonna like watching you as it goes into that tight little bum. I’m very excited about having you all clean for my cock later”. He pulled his hand away and helped me to my feet. “Now follow me.”

I followed him into the bathroom, where the bulging red bag was hanging. A towel was on the floor. He sat on the toilet and began to put lube on the nozzle. “Kneel down, with your bottom here in front of me,”? he said, and I knelt, my ass in the air. I felt his finger, cold with the lube, on the entrance to my tightest hole. “Relax, Michelle. I’m just going to lube your bottom a little. The nozzle will come next.” I relaxed as best I could, feeling him push his finger slowly into my ass. He pumped it a couple of times, chuckling when I moaned and pushed back against his finger. He pulled it out and gave me sharp slap on my upturned ass. “Greedy, aren’t we? Well, that little bum is about to get plenty of attention.”? I felt something harder pushing at my hole, and I knew this was really it. no turning back now! I relaxed as he slid the nozzle up into me. “There!”? he said. “That’s in place. Are you ready?”?

I nodded and I heard the click of him releasing the clamp. I immediately felt the warm water moving into me, and I leaned my head down on my arms, and breathed slowly. He tapped at the nozzle, sending little shocks through me. “How does that feel? Are you feeling it flow in? Maybe a little quicker, hm?”? I felt a quick rush of fluid and looked back to see him giving the bag a little squeeze. “Oh!”? I gasped, and he grinned, taking his hand off the bag. “Just letting you know who’s boss”? I blushed, and turned my head back to face forward, closing my eyes, feeling the water filling me, pressing against the insides of my bowels. I started to squirm, my stomach getting tighter. When the first cramp made me whimper, I pouted. “Please, oh, I can’t take any more”?

He stopped the flow, and reached under me, rubbing my stomach gently. “Yes, you can. Of course you can. This is only a little one, after all. Now be a good girl, and take your enema.”? He released the catch again, and I whimpered as the flow resumed, filling me even more.

“I know you like it” he said, slowly turning the nozzle in my asshole. I whimpered again, the touch sending electric shocks of pleasure through me. “You like it, don’t you, having me push this nozzle into your bottom, knowing I can see that little hole open up for it, having me watch you filling up, knowing I can make it as quick,”? he squeezed the bag again, and I gasped, “or as slow,”? he pinched the tubing, letting the flow ease up. “As I want. I’m filling up your tight little ass, Michelle. You love that... don’t you?”

I nodded moaning in pleasure. He teased my clit and tapped gently at the base of the nozzle as I took the rest of the enema. Admit it... you’re an enema slut, aren’t you. You love this, don’t you.”

“Yes sir!” I cried, reveling in the attention he was giving me and my ass. Finally, I heard the click of the clamp closing, and shivered as he announced, “There... that’s all. Now lets hold that for a little while.”? I felt his hand at my bottom, and realized that he was slowly removing the nozzle from my ass. When I felt it leave my bottom, I clenched my little ring tightly. My stomach felt tight and full, and I breathed slowly. “That’s a good girl”? he murmured, reaching below me to slowly stroke my pussy. “Yes, that’s a very good girl, taking the whole thing and now holding it. Aren’t you a good girl?”?

I nodded, feeling the pressure inside me grow more intense. I whimpered, but instead of begging, I asked him quietly and politely, “Can I go now, Sir?”? He smiled and offered a hand to help me to my feet. “Yes” I stood up and moved to sit on the toilet. He turned on the taps and kissed my forehead. “I’ll be right outside the door if you need me. Come out as soon as youire finished.”?

I nodded, and waited until he left before voiding my bowels of the water, feeling everything leave me. I cleaned up and padded out of the bathroom to find him standing naked beside the door, slowly stroking his cock. He smiled. “All done?”? His hand moved to touch at my pussy, already wet and ready for him. I nodded and whimpered as he slowly traced circles around my clit. “Yes”? I murmured whimpering as he pushed two fingers into my very wet pussy. “Oh! Yes, yes Sir... I’m done”? “Good! Then I think I’ll take that nice clean little bottom”

He kissed me hard, and led me to the bed, turning me, and pushing me over the edge of it. Now his finger probed at my squeaky clean asshole, and he smacked my bottom once before I felt his cock nosing at my pussy. He pushed in with one stroke, pumping a couple of times to get his cock slick and ready, then I felt the tip of his thick member pressing at my ass. He was moaning, and I was trembling, hot and ready, close to coming already.

“Let me in”? he whispered, and I relaxed, feeling him push his cock into me. “I can feel you, so slick, so hot. You like me fucking you here... after a nice! Hot! Enema!” He thrust with each word, and I cried out as I came hard, shuddering around him. “That’s right, cum hard for me, my little enema slut!? I tightened hard around his cock, and shuddered again as I felt him come inside me.

That was my first enema, but now he gives me enemas all the time, and I still love feeling him push the tube in, and I can imagine his sly grin as he clicks the catch to fill me up. He knows I’m an enema slut, and I love it when he makes me beg for one, because I know I'll get my ass filled twice: once with the enema, and then, with his hard cock.

I love enemas!

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