Enema Erotica Contest Winner - Enemas from Two Nursing Neighbors

Growing up in the 50's and 60's my siblings and I received enemas for many different reasons. They were a cure-all that our family nurse never hesitated to use. Like most kids I hated them at first. The more I got though, the more I liked them and eventually, I grew to love them.

I would often fake being constipated just to get an enema. Our nurse always obliged. She always used ivory soap and an adult bulb syringe. She would put me across her lap and give me the sink full. This was followed by a sink full of plain water. She was the typical June Cleaver type, wearing dresses, highheels, stockings and garterbelts.

She insisted that we be completely naked when getting an enema. The feel of her nylons against my body got me excited even if I was a little embarrassed. As I got older she was very understanding and ignored my erection.

I got my first bag enema when I was16. It was the ultimate. I told my nurse that I was constipated and she went into the bathroom. In a few minutes she called me saying that she was ready. When I entered the bathroom, I saw the red bag hanging from the towel rack. I was in heaven,

I got one bag with the enema tip, followed by another with the douche tip then two more bags of plain water. I was in heaven. Sadly, that was the last time my nurse gave me an enema. She said I was old enough to give them to myself, which I did, but it just wasn't the same.

While giving myself enemas I would fantasize that a women was giving me the enema. This fantasy came true in a big way in 1971.

I had just graduated from high school and decided to stay home while the rest of the family went on vacation. I was watching TV that morning when I decide that an enema would be nice. I got my enema bag that I had bought for myself when I heard a knock on the door, I laid the bag on the back of the couch and answered the door. It was our neighbor Carly. Carly was a single mother that just happened to be a registered nurse.

Carly asked me if I was busy I said “not really” she said “are you sure?” as she nodded toward the couch. I turned and saw the enema bag lying on the couch. My face was beet red. I stammered,Carly said not to be embarrassed. She would be glad to help me out if I wanted her to.

By now my cock was rock hard I said I guess it would be okay if she was sure. She said she would be right back. About ten minutes later Carly returned and she had her 19 yr old daughter Amanda with her. She said Amanda was studying to be a nurse and could use the practice if it was okay with me. I quickly agreed,as they came inside I noticed Amanda was carrying a bag with her. I led them to my bed room where they told me to undress. Carly reached in the bag and pulled a hospital gown and told me to put it on.

Carly was wearing a white nurses dress with white stockings and white highheels. Amanda was wearing a pink and white stripe dress tan stockings and pink heels. As they began unpacking the enema equipment they brought my cock grew rock hard.

Carly said they would be giving me several different enemas with several different nozzles, bags, bucket, cans and even bulbs. She handed Amanda a syringe bucket and a packet of soap and told her to go prepare the enema. When Amanda left the room her mother looked at my hard cock and politely said I would be more comfortable if she did something about that.

Carly sat down on the bed beside me, her dress rode up exposing her stoking tops and garterbelt. She took my cock and gently started sucking on it. Amanda came in with the syringe bucket filled with a soapy enema. She paid no attention to what her mother was doing. She attached a large tip, greasedit up, and then inserted in my anus.

Meanwhile, her mother never missed a beat. Carly’s mouth felt so great combined with the warm enema flowing into my bowels it was all too much. I came so hard I nearly passed out. After taking the entire enema Carly massaged my stomach for about ten minutes. I expelled the enema and returned to the bedroom.

Carly selected a four quart enema bag with a balloon nozzle and left the room. Amanda removed her dress and mounted me. Carly returned and adminestered the enema while Amanda rode me into ecstacy.

Over the next two weeks I received about a hundred enemas with every kind of enema implement known to man. This truly was a fantasy come true. Oh yeah and the sex was incredible too. Amanda, Carly and I continued this for several years. I eventually joined the army and Amanda married and moved away, although still see Carly sometimes.

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