Enema Story #7 - Visiting A Nurse

When I was 20 I dated a girl who's older sister was a graduate nurse. I would ofen stay overnight in their guest room. One weekend Nancy's (my girl) parents were away but her sister was home from the hospital. I woke up on Saturday with a stomach ache. When Nancy found out she called her sister.

Her sister told me she would take my temperature. I didn't think much of it until she returned with a thermometer and a jar of vaseline. Only when she smeared vaseline on the thermometer did I understand what she was going to do. I was terribly embarrassed when she told me to pull down my pants and lie face down on the bed. I hardly felt it when she inserted the thermometer but I definitely felt her hand on my buttocks when she spread them apart to insert the instrument. Her firm grasp felt so good I had a solid erection. Thankfully, the comforter hid my excitement.

A slight fever was discovered and an enema was prescribed. A few minutes later, the nurse returned with a combination kit. She used a small tip and must have let the solution flow very slowly because I barely felt a thing. I relieved myself and felt better all morning.

Later we were watching TV and the nurse anounce that it was temperature time again. This time I had to bed over with my girlfriend in the room. They giggled and I got another erection. This time it was more noticable. Thankfully the nurse prescribed oral sex at the mouth of my girlfriend.

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