Enema Erotica Contest Winner - Cleaning Up My Slave Husband

My name is Laura. I married my husband James when we both very young. We had a relatively normal marriage for the first year or so. We role played occasionally, James being the submissive and me, of course being dominant. We were both naturals at those positions. I loved being waited on, tying him to our bed and teasing him, and he loved groveling at my feet and being controlled by me. It wasn't until I came home from work early one day that both of our lives changed forever.

James had stayed home sick and I left work around 10:00 AM to surprise him with a little love. I entered the house as quietly as possible and tip toed up to our room. The door was open. I peeked in, and there, to my utter shock was my James, dressed in my panties, stockings and garter belt, sitting at the computer. I then cleared my throat, you know the way you do, when you want to get someones attention. You should have seen James jump up and start trying to explain. He was just making a lot of noise as far as was concerned, all I did was stare in complete shock.

It was then that I noticed what he was doing on the computer. At first I was relieved to see just words, there were no pictures of animals or gay men, just words,he was reading. I began to sternly question what the hell he was doing in my underwear. He tried to explain that he wasn't gay or anything like that and that it just turned him on to wear women's underwear. At that point I had enough of him, I told him to go into the bathroom and get changed into his clothes and that we would discuss it later. He obeyed and I sat down to see just what he was reading, that's when I went back to being completely shocked.

James was reading a story about a wife who forced her husband to dress as a woman, even more importantly as a maid, and work as her slave. He did all the chores around the house, the cooking, the cleaning, he gave her hour long massages, ran her baths, dressed and undressed her, you name it he did it. I knew we had role played, but was this what James wanted, to be my slave. The more I read the more I realized I was getting very turned on. That's when I decided that it didn't matter what James wanted this is what I wanted.

I got up from the computer and went down stairs, my heart was racing; could I really turn my husband into a sissy maid? First I knew I had to get James to voluntarily go along with this. I went back upstairs and called him into our room, he nervously entered I could see that he was visibly shaken by being caught in my underwear. I pretended to very upset, almost crying, how could you do this, I asked, I can't believe you've been doing this behind my back. Don't you love me? That's when he began saying sorry over and over, I waited for those magic words. Then, he said it, Laura I'm sorry I swear I'll never do it again, please believe me "I'll do anything" if you just forgive me. Anything? I asked.

Yes he said. I sat up and slapped his face. You will address me as Goddess or Goddess Laura, is that understood? "Yes Goddess Laura" he answered. I ordered him up stairs to "my" bedroom. Once there, I ordered him to remove his clothes. I then grabbed my hot water bottle kit.

"Your slave training is going to begin today. You have been a very bad husband and you are going to receive a good cleaning." He didn't seem to understand what I was talking about, but he was about to. My kit could hold 2 quarts and he was about to get all of it up the butt. I looped the tubing around his neck and grabbed it from behind him. I led him into the bathroom.

"Bend over the endge of the tub you dirty boy!" I yelled still yanking on the tubing. He quickly complied. I turned on the water and got the temperature just right. Into the medicine cabinet I went. I grabbed some KY. I took the tube of KY jelly and dripped a big glob of it on my husbands crack. He twitched. Looking back at me he yelled "What are you doing?"

"I'm cleaning out your dirty ass!" I said. "You are going to get all cleaned up today." I finished filling the water bottle and attached the tubing. A nicer wife would have explained what she was about to do, but I was mad. He was getting his punishment. I used my finger to put the lube on his anus and gave him a good poke for good measure. He twitched again. I was enjoying this.

Next, I inserted the douche tip of my water bottle into his butt. It was probably a little bit big, but he deserved it. I thought he might freak out but I checked and found his penis was fully erect. He was enjoying this! I opened the clamp on the bag and let the water flow. He was breathing heavy now. I hadn't had an enema since I was a child so I didn't really remember what it felt like but I remember my sister used to get them and she hated it. James was both hating and loving it. He kept trying to reach back to stop me but I would just shove him forward so that he would need both hands to keep from hitting his head on the tub. I was merciless, I just kept filling him up.

When the bag was almost empty and James was noticably uncomfortable, I closed the clamp. He felt the flow stop and started to get up. I stopped him. "No, you need to sit and get good and clean".

"But I need to go!" he said. I told him he wasn't going to go just yet. I was enjoying my newfound power. I sat down on the vanity and pulled down my slacks. I was going to enjoy this moment and tease him at the same time. I pushed my panties aside and spread my legs. I put one foot on each of James's butt cheeks and started to masturbate. I was very wet and some more KY only made the experience more pleasurable.

I started to narrate for James because I know it drives him nuts. "I'm playing with myself James and it feels so good. I wish you could make love to me, but you have been bad." The power was going to my head and it felt great. All of the sensations started to wash over me and I had a powerful orgasm. James was panting heavily by now and groaning that he had to go. After I was done, I let him sit on the toilet and relieve himself. When he was finished I forced him to give me oral pleasure. When I couldn't possibly take any more, I "let" him masturbate.

Now, James isn't allowed to slip up at all. Any slight mistake on his part and it is off to the bathroom for a good cleaning.

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