Enema Erotica Contest Winner - Cleaned by 3 Women

After getting hurt at work and being put on pain killers, my bowels slowed down till they stopped. Since I had worked in the medical field, and my close Friends also worked in medicine, I turned for help.

I called my friend Tina and asked her to come on over. Her 19 year old daughter was out and would be gone for at least 3-4 more hours. Plenty of time to give me a couple of enemas and get my bowels working again.

Tina had things all set up when I got there. She took me to her daughter's room, explaining that since it was right across from the bathroom it was the best place to administer the enema. She had me undress and lay on my back with my ass real close to the foot of the bed. She then had me put my legs on the foot of the bed and lift up so she could put towels under my ass. This is when I got an erection. 

Then Tina put on a rubber glove, put some K-Y on her finger and started smearing it around on my rear. Then she started to push her middle finger in to my butt. After she had one finger in she moved it in and out a couple of times and then added a second finger saying the nozzle would go in easier this way. then as she worked her two fingers in and out she slipped the nozzle in with out my even noticing. Tina seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was 

After she had started the flow and got close to a quart in to my bowels she stopped for a few minutes to allow me to adjust. Right after she started the flow again(she was planning on a 2 quart enema) we heard the apartment door open and her daughter Missy and her Friend Athena come in. Missy called to her mom who answered "I'm in your room, but don't come in here" just a little to late.

Right then Missy with Athena right behind her walked into her room. Missy said "MOM" ... "What are you and Chuck doing?" as both girls gaped at me naked on my back with a hard on and a tube connected an enema bag stuck up my ass. Tina calmly answered the unasked question. Chuck is constipated and I'm giving him an enema. "BUT IN MY ROOM" exclaimed Missy. "Do you remember how you felt after your surgery till you couldn't go for three days? Well Chuck has been constipated for almost six days".

"But in my room"? "Yes " replied Tina. "It"s the room closet to the bathroom". "Humph" muttered Missy as she turned an stalked from her room. "EH" is what Athena said as she kind of slowly turned and followed Missy from her bed room. Tina said "Well... . that went well".

As she continued to give me the enema Tina said not to worry, that Missy wouldn't stay upset. After the enema bag was empty, Tina had me wait for five minutes before she let me empty my bowels. Then after I had wiped she came into the bathroom saying that the first of two rinsing enemas was ready,but that she wanted to check that I hadn't started bleeding and that I was clean before I went back for my next enema.

She had me bend over so she could do a light wash and wipe of my ass. She told me that as far as she could tell there was no bleeding. then she asked if I was ready for the next enema?

This time the towels weren't at the foot of the bed, but in the middle. she had me lie back and pull me knees to my chest as she lubed up my ass again. once again she started with one then two fingers in my ass.

Right then Missy walked in and started to change clothes. Tina stopped what she was doing with both her fingers in my rear and said "Missy ... what are you doing"?" Why ... Changing clothes" replied Missy. As she turned toward her mother; topless and undoing her front clasp bra. This is when a semi-hard on went full rigid. It was then that Missy asked, "Mom .. why do you have your fingers up Chuck's ass"? As she moved closer, to get a better view. Still removing her bra and the undoing the buttons at the top of her jeans.

"I've got my fingers up his ass to help me get the nozzle in without it hurting him"."This way I can slip it in with less pain". Tina said, and "what are you doing? "Well... this is my room, and I'm changing my clothes". "couldn't you just take your clothes and change in my room"?Asked Tina. "Did you guy's ask me about using my room"? ..."well i don't think I need to ask if I can change clothes in my own room". As she continued to take off her clothes. That's when Tina slipped the nozzle in again.

As Tina started up the flow , Missy asked "How come your giving him another enema"? "well because the first one had soap in it and this one and the next one are clean water and will flush out his bowels" answered Tina.As they talked Missy took off her jeans and her panties. Giving me a full, and very nice view. Right as she was putting on a pair of shorts without panties the phone rang.

We heard Athena answer the phone, and moments later come into the bedroom saying that the phone call was for Tina. OK Missy. "I need you to hold the tube in place and control the flow of water". "BUT MOM... IN HIS ASS"? "YES" "now come here and I'll show you". All this and she had just finished pulling her shorts up. Here I lay. On my back with my legs up,sporting a erection. A topless 19 year old girl holding a enema tube up my ass with her Friend looking on and her mom walking out of the room to answer a phone call. Talk about awkward.  My penis couldn't decide weather on not to stay hard or not.

Well as Missy held the tube in my ass, she started to subconsciously caress my butt cheeks. Even I didn't notice it at first as Missy and Athena were talking. when I said" Umm ,,, Missy ,,  could you stop that". She gave a startled jerk, and looked down at what she was doing. "sorry" she said. After an awkward pause, she and Athena started talking again; and almost immediately she started caressing my butt again only this time she also ran her thumb up and down my perineum( that sensitive area between a guys anus and scrotum). When she did this my penis got real hard and gave a few jerks.

Right as this happened, Tina returned in time to see this and my reaction. Saying " We may just have to do something about that". To which Missy said "Mom" as she looked down at what she was doing and then said "OHHH... ohhh.... sorry". Tina asked," And did anyone notice when the enema bag got empty"? "No huh... thought not". And then to no one in particular "I should have expected this". "Why don't you go empty out while I fill up the next one.

As I was finishing up in the bathroom, Missy asked from outside the door, "UH.. Chuck...sorry I acted so bad about this". I told her it was OK. Then she asked "could I do your last enema...I'd like to learn how if that's OK with you... Mom said it might be good for me to know how to do this". I thought for a second or two. Then as I was opening t he bathroom door I said yea, sure.

Right then Tina walked by with the enema bag, saying "OK ... Lets get on with this". After I laid down, Tina had Missy sit in the same place she had been in when she had held the nozzle in my butt. Tina sat next to my side facing Missy, so she could help show her and explain things. And Athena, not wanting to be left out pulled a dressing chair over so she could look on.

She told Missy to put on a rubber glove. Then to put some K-Y on her middle finger. Then to smear some on my asshole, put more on her finger. Then she told Missy to stroke up and down by my asshole, just like she would if she was playing with herself. Putting more and more gentle pressure on my butt till she could feel her finger start to go in.

When that happened I got hard. Missy said "Mom!" "That happens when you put a finger in a mans butt". "You stimulate his prostate and he gets an erection... it's all natural and normal" Tina said. "Now I want you to slide your finger in and out", "Like this"? "Oops". Missy  said as her finger slipped out. "Just start over and do it like you did the first time .. and it should slide right in". Tina said. "Like this" Missy said as she slide her finger in. Then she started to move it in and out. Going deep, then almost all the way out. Then back in.

Tina then said "Slide in a second finger". "Like this replied" Missy . As she slipped a second finger in my ass. Missy asked how does that feel to her mom. Tina  said, "Why don't you ask Chuck". "Well Chuck... how does it feel"? asked Missy.

I kinda moaned and said good. Tina said that judging by my hard on, very, very good. "we may just have to do something about it" she said.

I had been kinda soft, but as soon as she had her finger in my butt I got real hard. And with her second finger in me, and her moving it in and out. Well what is a guy supposed to do? That's when she slid the nozzle in and started the enema. Missy opened up the flow way to much. Which is not comfortable in the least.

This caused me to go soft. when this happened Tina had Missy stop the flow and said give him a few minutes to adjust and then you can start up again. Right then the phone rang and Athena reluctantly got up to answer the phone. Returning moments later to tell Tina she had another phone call. As she got up to leave she said that when I started to get hard again Missy could start the flow again.

As soon as Tina left Missy said to Athena. "Watch" as she started to slide her thumb nail up and down on my perineum. My response was a low and quite moan and a growing erection. Then Missy said "I guess I can start the enema again". After a few minutes of this with a few awkward questions from the girls I started to get softer(not as hard, but I was still semi erect). Missy once again stroked her thumb nail up and down on my perineum making my penis jerk erect.

I don't know if Tina saw that or not but that's when she returned and said "And again... did anyone notice when the enema bag got empty". "I guess not". Tina said as we all kinda sheepishly looked back  at her. "Then she said to herself "We are really going to have to do something about that". Why don't you go and empty out. So Missy slowly slid the nozzle out of my ass, and I headed for the bathroom.

As I was wiping up,  again Missy called to me from outside the bathroom. "Chuck... I was wondering ... well could Athena .. could she give you one more enema"."We already have everything set up and". That's when I cut her off. I've been a patient in teaching hospitals before, so I figured, if med students can learn from my body why not others. "Yes". "Yes she can, If Tina says its OK".That's when we heard Tina call to us from the bedroom. "I've got it all set up".

This time Athena was down by my ass, with Tina again at my side facing away from me. Missy figured she would sit up by my head. Again Tina directed the girl to put on a rubber glove and to use K-Y. Where as Tina knew exactly where and what to do and Missy seemed to get the hang of it right away. Well, Athena didn't seem to have the touch. After two tries, which hurt and my dick getting soft. Athena was ready to give up. Tina asked if I was still Game. "Well ... Yes " I said.

Missy said " I know how to make you not notice whats going on". To which Tina said "And just what would that be"? Missy said "Just try it again".

And with that she leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then a peck on the lips. Then a longer kiss on the lips. Then she kissed me and opened her mouth and sucked my tongue into her mouth. With that I put my arms around her and started to kiss back. It was then that I noticed that something was being put in my ass. It felt fuller, bigger. Then I heard Tina say to turn it on.

I thought she meant the water in the enema bag. What she turned on was a vibrator. As this happened I tensed up. but then I felt it going in and out of me. It felt good. I moaned into Missy's mouth as we kissed as Athena fucked my ass with a vibrator.As Missy broke away from me, Tina said, "Yes... we are definitely  gong to have to do something about this" as she reached out to lightly touch my dick.

Tina then asked if Athena could keep the vibrator going in and out of my ass while  she straddled me. Athena said "OH YEAH". Then Tina pulled her top off undid her pants and let them fall. She was pantyless.  Then she climbed on to the bed , straddled me, and slid herself down onto me till I had entered her all the way. Missy decide that we should star kissing again, but as she leaned in she pulled my hands to her breasts and started me squeezing them.

You would think that with a women straddling me, a women fucking my ass with a vibrator and one kissing me while I Played with her tits that I would come. I guess that I was overwhelmed. It didn't help that Missy decided that I should suck on her breasts either. After a couple of minutes of this, Missy broke away and asked if I would eat her.

When I said yes, she dropped her shorts and started to climb on to the bed. Then she stopped and said "Mom .. How do I" which was when Tina cut Missy Off and said to just put a pillow under my head, sit on my chest with her knees under her, facing me. Then to go forward up on to her knees till she brought her pussy to my face, and let me do the rest. Which I did. About another two minutes of Tina Riding me and I came. About the same time that Tina came. I must have Been licking and sucking on Missy for about 8-10 minutes before she came, and then when I kept on eating her; she tried to stop me but I brought her off a second time.

Athena said that she felt left out. So when I asked what she would like she said that none of her boyfriends had ever offered to eat her. I'd be more than willing to eat you out, in fact i would find it a privilege if she would let me. So while Athena undressed Tina reached over by my butt and continued  to fuck my ass with the vibrator. Then Athena lowered her pussy to me and I began to lick, kiss and suck on her pussy.

Since she had never had this done to her before she came fairly quickly. Since then the four of us gotten together five or six times. I still start out with getting an enema, but I don't have to wait till the second or third flushing enema for one of the girls to start kissing me or taking off their clothes.

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