Enema Story #5 - An Interesting Procedure

As a boy growing up in Northern Ontario we received enemas as a cure for everything. We had an enema three times as often as we had an aspirin.

In my later years I began to get erections when the warm soap and water flowed in. I started to think about giving enemas to others.

As high school football player I had to go to the doctor for a minor operation. It was there that a young nurse gave me a somewhat unexpected enema. The operation I was scheduled for involved my foot but the doctor insisted I get a good cleaning out so that I could rest afterward.

The young nurse showed me into a treatment room. Once I was inside the room she told me I was to receive an enema. I was still fully dressed so I was a little uncomfortable undressing. I had some problems because my foot was injured. She offered to help. I sat on the table while she grasped my trousers and began to try to wiggle them off. This was difficult especially since I had an erection by then.

She ignored by bouncing, protruding penis as she removed my pants. I was flushed with embarrassment. I was happy when she asked me to lie on my side so that she could administer the enema. I could hide my excitement while she filled a large glass jug with warm, soapy water. She attached the jug to a mount on the wall.

This enema was different than when mother had administered them. After I was full she told me to hold it for a few minutes. She proceded to rub my stomach. I was extremely excited by then and our eyes met in earnest. She told me that she would love an enema as well. I told her that I had learned how to give them at home.

The nurse then had me evacuate in an ajacent bathroom while I could hear her locking the door. When I came out, she had started to disrobe. Before I could administer the enema however she wanted to make love. After we were done making love she received her enema.

I am now married to that nurse and we have an enema bag on the bathroom door for everyone to see. Not all of our lovemaking sessions include enemas but most of the do and they are among my favorites.

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