Who Uses Enemas

Who Uses Enemas
A number of different types of people use enemas. Mainly, it seems that enema users can be classified into two different groups.

Those that use enemas as a sexual stimulant (usually called Klismaphiliacs or Klismos)

Those that use enemas for health reasons (such as colonic therapy).

Enemas can be administered alone or with a partner. If you are using an enema for health benefits, you might consider using it alone. If you are interested in the more sensual aspects of enemas a partner might be right for you.

It might be appropriate to mention that some enema users are interested in completely different sensations than others. Enema users interested in health might be more interested in relaxing while enjoying the colonic cleansing. Klezmos or people interested in enema sex might be interested in inducing cramping as a form of domination or punishment. These groups will need to take a different approach to give or receiving an enema.

Either way, enemas are an interesting thing for a number of people. Internet interest into enemas is quite high. On the search engine Yahoo! there were more searches for "enema" last month (6585 in fact) than condom (2237), vibrator (902), orgasm (1875), diet (5929), and sexual positions (2569). It did not score as well as sex toys (7320), sex (248,140) or masturbation (9436) but it was fairly close. This leads me to believe that there are alot more enema fans than you would believe.

The next time you are enjoying a colonic cleansing or are receiving an enema at the hands of your partner, you might find great comfort in knowing that there are many others like yourself.

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