Enema Story #1 - From Brenda

I really liked your website enematips.com. I thought I would write to share some pleasurable experiences.

My youngest recollection of anal stimulation is at about the age of nineteen. I would undress and pretend to ask a fictional doctor to take my temperature. I substituted other objects like pens and fingers for the thermometer. I enjoyed this tremendously. Growing into my early twentites I continued it privately.

At the age of twenty and in college I had a steady boyfriend. Because enemas had by that time become one of my favorite stimuli I was quick to notice an enema bag at his apartment. The enam bag was hanging on his shower nozzle. We had explored each other sexual and I wasn't too shy to inquire about it. I even suggested he use it on me. He said he used and enema only to cleanse his bowels and was shocked at my suggestion.

After I confessed to enjoying enemas he admitted that he too received sexual arousal from an enema. He agreed to experiment. It was at this time that I experienced my first full orgasm. Although our experiment was limited to the conventional solutions of water with soap, they were exciting nonetheless.

It has been many years and many experiences since then. I have refined my tastes now. I suggest good enema solutions of either two parts milk to one part hot chocolate (cocoa) or a solution of tomato juice from a bottle with a dash of lemon juice. I find both of these solutions to be very pleasurable and they leave me quite refreshed.

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