Enema Story #3 - The Dominant Girlfriend

My girlfriend likes to be in control. We have found a most pleasurable enema routine.

Whenever she wants to give men an enema (which is quite often), she orders me to get the enema equipment and bring it to her. I am directed to the bathroom where I am required to strip. While I strip she fills the bag with warm, soapy water. She tells me what position to lie in. She usually requests I get on my elbows and knees with my ass in the air.

My girlfriend inserts the tube. She really likes to use the douche tip which is flared rather than the straight enema tip. She fills my bowels with a full bag of soapy water. She tells me to retain the enema until after I have performed oral sex on her! After she has been satisfied I am then allowed to evacuate. After I have finished expelling we have intercourse. It is quite pleasurable.

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