Enema Story #4 - The Dominant Girlfriend - Part II

Occasionally my dominant girlfriend uses the enemas in a different fashion. She gives me an enema for some form of misbehavior on my part. When this is the case she uses a unique procedure. She places an absorbent pad sort of like a flat diaper on the bed and ties me down spread eagle.

She fills and enema bag. After she forcefully inserts the nozzle into my rectum she rapidly empties the contents of the bag into my dowels. Sometimes she will raise the bag a little higher to increase the pressure. Often it causes me discomfort and sometimes even cramps.

She requires me to retain the enema until she says I can. If I release it too early she will repeat the whole procedure. Sometimes she will take a bulb type enema and rapidly inject it into my bowels. She will do this over and over until a couple of quarts are inside me. It is very uncomfortable.

I try to avoid these procedures as much as possible, unlike the regular enemas, which I enjoy quite a bit.

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