Why Use An Enema

Why Use An Enema
People use enemas for a number of reasons including:

* A reminder of their treatment as a youth. Many people gravitate toward using an enema to relieve constipation because they received the treatement as a youth and were very satisfied with it.

* A form of punishment. Enemas are popular as a form of friendly punishment among dominant/submissive partners. The ability to force or be forced to retain an enema is found pleasurable by many people.

* Anal/Rectal stimulation. An enema provides a pleasing amount of anal stimulation for many users. Many men find that getting an erection stimulates their prostate and causes them pleasure.

* Cleaning before anal sex. Many women prefer an enema before anal sex to cleanse the area and to free them from worrying about their personal hygiene.

* Colonic cleansing. Many visitors believe in the healthful aspects of receiving an enema and the removal of toxins from the lower intestinal tract.

* Administering of some medications. Some enema users use enemas as a way to administer medications. People that suffer from paralysis can use an enema as a way to evacuate their bowels.

* Health benefits. Many users believe in the health benefits of a clean colon.

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