Your First Enema - How To Make The Enema

Your First Enema - How to Make The Enema:


Temperature is important when administering an enema. Many people report having a bad experience with their first enema. This might be related to the enema solution being too hot or too cold. Either of these conditions can cause a sort of cramping (sometimes called gripping). A good temperature to fill your enema bag to is about 102 degrees (give or take a couple). This temperature will feel right when inside your colon. Too hot and you can experience burning, too cold and you might have extra problems with cramping. A thermometer only costs a couple of bucks. In this case it is definitely worth it.


For your first time, you might want to stick with water. As you become more experienced you might move onto castille soap, Oil, Phospho Soda or even Coffee. For now water should be just fine.

How Much:

Many enema bags hold two quarts. This is quite a bit of water. Some folks treat enemas as a sort of contest and look for the largest enema bag they can find. Two quarts is plenty and a two quart enema bag is about as large as there is available on the market. If you or your partner cannot take all two quarts, do not worry. The enema companies aren't giving away any medals.

Tip, Clamp, and Lubricant:

Install the hose, the clamp, and the tip onto the enema bag. Lubricate the tip so that it will insert easily. We recommend a water based lubricant because they are condom safe and this may come in handy later. If you need more lubrication and won't have any trouble with a lubricant that harms condoms, petroleum jelly (vaseline) will work better. remains free to you because of these sponsors: - Their Enema Equipment Page's Entire Selection of Enema Bags and Supplies - Enema Bags and Enema Equipment from - Enema - Use tact and professionalism to sell vibrators and sex toys.

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