Your First Enema - Positions

Your First Enema - What to Do

What Position Should You Use:

You have a few choices as far as positions are concerned. There are some good candidates.

  • The Left Side Position: Lie on your left side. Bend your right leg (upper leg) toward your chest. Keep your left leg straight. This position should be fairly comfortable while giving good access to your anus.
  • Doggie style (knee chest) position: Get on your elbows and knees with your head down and you buttocks high in the air. You might even want to put your chest to the floor. This position should give your partner good access to your anus. This position may be familiar to anyone with experience in anal sex.
  • On your back: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Your knees should be together while your feet are separate. This should result in you sitting a little bit knobby kneed. This should allow good access to your anus from below.
  • Over The Knee: Some people like to receive an enema in an over the knee position. Lie across your partner's lap. This position might put too much pressure on your stomach so you might want to put your stomach between your partner's legs.

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