Your First Enema - Tips on Inserting and Administering an Enema

Your First Enema - Inserting the Tube and Administering The Enema

For The Receiver:

  • Find a good position. Make sure you are comfortable and can relax. Be sure you can clean up if a problem is to occur. Make sure you or your partner have good access to your anus.
  • Lubricate your anus. You might want syour partner to massage some lubricant inside your anus and rectum. This will help when the nozzle is inserted. You will want your anus to admit the nozzle so that you can relax.
  • As the nozzle is inserted, relax as it passes your sphincter. You might want to take a couple of deep breaths as it passes.
  • Relax, as your partner turns on the flow. Mentally picture yourself receiving it. A good partner will slow the flow if you experience any gripping. You may end up making a mess if you panic. Instead, try to relax, everything will be fine. If cramps come (and they probably will during your first enema) have your partner stop the flow, breath deep, and try massaging your stomach area.
  • If you feel the need to evacuate, ask your partner to stop the flow. Relax, the desire will pass as your colon relaxes.
  • You might feel your stomach expanding. Let it. Try to hold the enema for a few minutes.
  • When it is time to evacuate, take yourself (with the tube still in place) to the lavatory. Wait until you are in a position to evacuate before you remove the tube.
  • After you evacuate, take a deep breath and feel your lightness.

For The Giver:

As the master of the enema you have a great deal of responsibility. The enema receiver is in a very embarrassing and delicate position. You should respect their wishes in everything that follows. The following tips should make the process go as smoothly as possible.

  • Lubricate your partner's anus and rectum well. A finger works well for this purpose. One way to do this is to apply a liberal amount of lubricant to your finger and to the outside of your partner's anus. Next, press the tip of your finger into the center of your partners anus. Use about enough pressure to just crack an egg shell. Be patient. Applying constant pressure for a second or so will allow the anus to receive your finger. Apply the lubricant liberally working it in and out. Assuming your partner reacts positively to anal stimulation, I'm sure they won't mind.
  • To insert the nozzle, learn from your experience with your finger. You should know how much pressure will be required. The nozzle should slide right in.
  • Hang the enema bag about 1 foot to 18 inches above the anus. Hanging the bag higher will produce more pressure and flow, lower will produce less pressure and flow. Dropping the bag below the anus can result in back-flow during the procedure. This can be kind of messy.
  • Open the clamp slowly. Don't try to give the entire enema at once. Sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes to administer.
  • If the receiver has a full colon (hasn't recently deficated) they may not be able to receive as much as usual. If you want, they can evacuate and receive another.
  • While filling your partner, watch for signs of cramping. If this occurs you should slow or stop the flow until your partner can relax.
  • Remember to respect all of your partners wishes.
  • You might want to massage your partners stomach to encourage further cleansing.
  • When your partner wants to evacuate you will want to follow your agreed upon plan. You will probably have to carry the bag, try not to raise it to high as this increases the pressure. remains free to you because of these sponsors: - Their Enema Equipment Page's Entire Selection of Enema Bags and Supplies - Enema Bags and Enema Equipment from - Enema - Use tact and professionalism to sell vibrators and sex toys.

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